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Gráinne Newborough

This seems to be a very extreme claim to me, and I doubt whether 'cleanliness' was the point.
In my experience all pleasant fagrances are uplifting,and put you in a better mood. As a result you're more positive in your outlook, perhaps a little more open minded, prepared to take more time over something, and generally see the world in a more positive light, but its a matter of degree. It's the positive mood shift rather than an association with cleanliness thats important here. I suspect any 'nice' fragrance could have produced the same results.
There's been plenty of research into this area already: Spangenberg, Crowley & Henderson 1996 , diffused a lavendar based fragrance in a retail environment and found that that the shopping environment was rated as more positive, liked and modern, the merchandise as more up-to-date, varied and of higher quality as a result of the fragrance.
It shifts perception, and helps you view the world in a more positive light.
I don't see 'cleanliness' as the point here, and as to 'cleanliness cues helping us make a wide range of judgements about others' ....mmm

Simon Harrop

I agree it's about perception. Intuitively shifts in perception will alter behavoiur in the long term but this research doesn't attempt to explore the link, it just makes an unsubstantiated claim

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